Real estate investments in partnership with Integrale

OGEO FUND has a large ´brick and mortar´ real estate portfolio within its overall portfolio (with a maximum ceiling set at 25 %). This sets OGEO FUND apart from most of the other Belgian pension funds, which privilege ´paper´ real estate investments done via investments funds. A carefullyweighed choice in favour of bricks and mortar which protects OGEO FUND from the fluctuations of the market.

The real estate projects OGEO FUND invests in post an average net yield of 5 %. A constant yield made possible by a rigorous selection of both projects and tenants. OGEO FUND focuses on the acquisition of office buildings occupied by high-quality tenants who make long-term commitments, with indexed rents.

To successfully implement these real estate projects, OGEO FUND relies on a dedicated internal team and works with external experts who ensure meticulous monitoring of the projects. In this respect Integrale is a major partner in the real estate investments.

Here are the following investments :

Ogeo Fund Waterside


The Waterside real estate complex on quai de Willebroeck at Brussels was acquired in 2011 with Integrale.  There are 11,900 sq. m. of offices, 650 sq. m. of archives and 65 parking spaces.


A building on Avenue du Pont de Luttre at Brussel has been acquired in partnership with Integrale. The building has 4,396 sq. m. of offices, 18,816 sq. m. of workshops and 150 parking spaces.

Immo Haecht 1442

An investment in partnership with Integrale. Located on Chaussée de Haecht, 1442 in Haren. • Office space: ± 16,000 sq. m • Parking: 212 spaces

Cerep Loi 15

An investment in partnership with Integrale. Located at Rue de La Loi, 15-19 in Brussels.
• Office space: ± 19,000 sq. m
• Parking: ± 80 spaces

New Tide Rotterdam

An investment in partnership with Integrale. Located on Prins Alexander area.
• Offices: 16,444 m2
• Parking places: 300