27 June 2017

The general meeting of Ogeo Fund was held on 23 June 2017. It approved the consensus of all the members present and witnessed the following resolutions:

  • The resignation of Mr Stéphane Moreau as administrator of the OFP as of 2 June 2017.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (SRV/87/612) was mandated for a term as auditor, represented by Madame Isabelle Rasmont. This mandate stands for a legal term of three years, covering the financial years 2017-2018-2019.

In addition, the Ogeo Fund Board of Directors that met on 2 June 2017 took note of the resignation of Mr Stéphane Moreau as President of the OFP's Executive Committee. This resignation takes effect from 2 June 2017. The Board of Directors nominated Mr Emmanuel Lejeune as President of the Executive Committee and Mr Hervé Valkeners as a member of the Executive Committee.

At the general meeting that was held on 7 March, it was unanimously decided by the members and representatives present to proceed with the nomination of Mr Jacques Tison as the administrator of the OFP, representing the SPRL Jacques Tison, in effect from 1 July 2017. At the general meeting, it was decided that the mandate of this administrator will expire after the ordinary general meeting which will be called to rule on the approval of annual accounts of the financial year closing on 31 December 2021.

The Board of Directors of the OFP Ogeo Fund henceforth includes the following:

  • Mr Pol Heyse, President
  • Mr Dominique Drion, Vice-President
  • Ms Chantal Dupont, Administrator
  • Mr François-Xavier de Donnea, Independent Administrator
  • Mr Alain Decerf, Administrator
  • Ms Bénédicte Bayer, Administrator
  • Mr Jacques Tison, Administrator (representative of the SPRL Jacques Tison).

The Executive Committee of the OFP Ogeo Fund henceforth includes the following:

  • Mr Emmanuel Lejeune, President
  • Mr Hervé Valkeners, Member of the Executive Committee

This information has been sent to the Belgian official journal for publication (document available in French)