Approved Commissioner

In accordance with applicable law, the general council of OGEO FUND has appointed a certified auditing company that operates in accordance with all applicable legal requirements, professional rules and instructions of the FSMA. This company is PwC Réviseurs d’Entreprises (Company Auditors) SCCRL (Société Civile Coopérative à Responsabilité Limitée – Civil Cooperative Limited Company).

PwC audits the financial statements and the actuarial report, and contributes to the control exercised by the FSMA.  It ensures that OGEO FUND has adopted adequate measures of administrative organisation, accounting and internal controls for compliance with the regulations.  It reports to the Board twice a year. 

Each year, PwC certifies the technical provisions and writes a report in which it gives its assessment of the financial situation and the management.  This is done in a spirit of complete independence.